About Joanna Gilbert: The London based Commercial Artist

Commercial photography, art and design by Joanna Gilbert is conceived and designed to enhance corporate, commercial or residential space, to add value to a business’s service offering and to offer another way to communicate effectively with audiences. Ultimately, art by Joanna Gilbert is to be enjoyed.

By seamlessly combining the zenith of modern digital technology with hand-crafted creativity – to some, art in its purest form – Joanna’s versatility can transform logos or corporate identities into timeless works of art that have the ability to create a sense of connection between brand and consumer – the key facilitator in growing a business.

Creatively Painting & Illustrating Brands

After forging a very successful career in marketing and account management for Orange, Puma and the Discovery Channel, Joanna became more and more involved in the artistic process of marketing brands, products and services. A Photoshop course evolved into graphic design and eventually, Joanna reverted back to her first love and picked up a paintbrush…

Married with two children, painting is more than just a business. To be a success, painting must come from the depths of the soul, a place where you can summon up creativity that goes way beyond simply satisfying a brief.

Bringing Your Brand to Life Through Art, Photography & Design

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