Bringing Your Brand To Life Through Art

Even though I was out of town for the launch night, the exhibition was a huge success and it was nice to be up there with the likes of D*Face, Eine, Evan Hecox, and Gerald Laing. We are in talks for a further exhibition in October. But in the meantime here are some photos of the show. If you would like to be kept up to date on any future shows please email




  Battersea Power Station and Big Ben


Following on form the Battersea work I completed recently I am really happy with this piece. I am not sure what it is I love about it so much but I feel it is balanced both in composition and in colour.

The use of a gold background really sets of the contrast of the cadmium red.

The angles, shape and form are very in tune with where my art is at the moment and this piece would look good in any commercial space or lounge which is where this one currently is!


The power of social media never ceases to amaze.

I came across this amazing blog by Jon and Tina Reid who’s ambition is to photograph London in a year and write a photographers dream guide book containing inside tips and tricks of the best way of photographing London in 2013.

Having been completely bowled over by his awesome photos of battersea I contacted him directly to see if he would be happy to collaborate with me on something very exciting that was ticking over in my mind.

The speed of making things happen was instant thanks to the technology of what we have at our fingertips and it is for this reason know what art I am creating next.

Without wanting to give to much away just yet I will leave you with a link to jons blog which I urge you to follow and to his flicker account of battersea power station which forms the basis of my composition.

More to follow soon…

If you have exhibition space where you would like to show my works please get in touch!

Jons Blog on The London Project Blog
Jons Flicker on The London Project
Jons Website Nomadic Vision Travel Photography


Following from from the huge impact of branded art in the Harringay branch of Anthony Pepe & Co, Charlie Perdios commissioned commercial artist, Joanna Gilbert to another set of works that would represent the brand in their Palmers Green Office.

The North London Premier Estate Agent have recently won Gold for the Best Small London Estate Agency of the Year. Their great vision extends to an understanding of the benefits of branded art in their offices and the added impact it has on the office environment and they way it boosts client perception of the brand.

Charlie commented, ‘The Branded Art we commissioned for our office has exceeded our expectations; The use of corporate identity mixed with the essence of our business really compliments the environment our customers see and the feedback we have had has been really positive. The artwork has actually formed the inspiration of our printed communication too! I would recommended Joanna completely as her interpretation of the brief really added value to our offices and how we communicate our message to our clients.’

When interpreting this brief, Joanna took a birds eye view and saw the pattern of the roads as the framework to her art. ‘I presented a few ideas but knew that I wanted to depict the character of the town with the local amenities. We had certain colours to work with, to keep in tune with the brand and the art simply evolved from there.’

To discuss how branded art can add impact to your office or reception area please get in touch!


Following on from the abstract architecture theme I am working on I am excited to show you this painting as it developed.

It is amazing how a painting can change each week. That is the beauty of underpainting and over painting. Oils are so rich and versatile.

Here are a series of snaps showing you how a couple of my paintings have progressed. They are now nearly finished and will update soon.



At the moment I am exploring using architecture as inspiration for my art. I am building up a body of work that will be on show in February / March next year.

Buildings and Commercial spaces are so inspiring. The use of colour, texture, angles all combine to create something special and unique and I enjoy extracting this personality and turning it into art.

I have already created a number of works which I will show you here. But watch this space for details of the collection.



The piece I have just completed has sparked a lot of interested on twitter and facebook so I thought I would upload it here also. Watercolour was the first medium I ever loved and this painting has renewed my passion for it!

Apparently it is one of the hardest mediums to master. I love the way you can add layer upon layer,  creating difference in colours as you do so.

This is the first of a pair I am doing on oil rigs. The 2nd one will be in brown and black hues.

So if you would like something similar for your office, please get in touch.

I love creating art for offices.

Harry’s Book is Now on Sale!

The Harry Moseley Story – “Making it Happen”, is a true account of how a ‘normal’ little boy with big dreams and a selfless, compassionate outlook on life proves that with hard work, passion and a bit of cheek anyone can achieve any goal they set themselves in life.

He is the reason my business is what it is today and I will cherish the letters he wrote me and the contact I had with him whilst he was alive. I am honoured that they have decided to use my painting of Harry as the font cover for the special edition book.

Please support the charity this special boy started, and his mum who is carrying the Harry Ethos on via HelpHarryHelpOthers and its efforts to not only help find a cure for Brain Cancer but also in helping children and their families who are affected by any Cancer, and the people who support them

“Making it Happen” can be purchased via it’s publishers direct HERE.

This is an emotional, heart-warming and truly inspirational account of how a little boy’s dream of helping others changed the lives of millions and will probably make you take a look at yourself in the process. Even though Harry was diagnosed with brain cancer in 2007 at the age of 7 the book shows how he evolved his simple ideas and philosophy into a global entrepreneurial campaign using all the multi-media tools available to him including his beloved Twitter. The book emphasises that we can all achieve anything in life and “make It happen” if we believe in ourselves, as long as you are committed to your goals and are passionate about your dreams.

Harry gripped the nation by making and selling beaded bracelets all by himself, with all the proceeds he raised going to charity. He also organised and arranged to meet CEO’s of large organisations and did presentations at school assemblies and at large public events in front of the local and national media talking about his business ideas. All this was achieved through the face of adversity and fighting a dreadful disease himself and with this kind of determination nothing was unachievable for Harry. During his fight against brain cancer Harry befriended many people via his Twitter account including his peers and many famous celebrities from all over the world.


Having just completed an amazing course run by Caroline List at St Martins, I am very excited to show you some of my latest work. Using a combination of acrylics, oils, wax, resin and photo transfer techniques I have explored space within commercial interiors. The deconstruction of space has allowed me to build upon geometric and abstract shapes which bring together an interesting composition.

To celebrate the 10th Anniversary of Sister Snog I was invited to create a piece of branded art. Back in 1992 Hela and Annie began to create and nurture their very own selective club – a tribe that is now a social network.

Reaching out to smart sassy brand savvy business women they pride themselves on providing sparkling business events where members connect, collaborate and explore business opportunities.

Using my knowledge and understanding of the brand I happily put into practice my skill of visualising the brand and bringing it to life through art.

The result was purple to say the least and hand embellished with Swarovski crystals to add that little extra sparkle.

It was a really special event and one I was proud to be a part of.

Snog on…

Violet & Lilac for Sister Snog

Commission for Sister Snog



Illustrated Concept for bespoke art commission

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