Bringing Your Brand To Life Through Art

To celebrate the 10th Anniversary of Sister Snog I was invited to create a piece of branded art. Back in 1992 Hela and Annie began to create and nurture their very own selective club – a tribe that is now a social network.

Reaching out to smart sassy brand savvy business women they pride themselves on providing sparkling business events where members connect, collaborate and explore business opportunities.

Using my knowledge and understanding of the brand I happily put into practice my skill of visualising the brand and bringing it to life through art.

The result was purple to say the least and hand embellished with Swarovski crystals to add that little extra sparkle.

It was a really special event and one I was proud to be a part of.

Snog on…

Violet & Lilac for Sister Snog

Commission for Sister Snog



Illustrated Concept for bespoke art commission

I was invited to be the final speaker at a creative practitioners workshop run by Clive Gross from The workshop was in Hastings, which, as well as being a walk down memory lane for Duncan Bannatyne reasons, it also meant rather early tube rides which took me back to the good old commuting days within the wonderful world of marketing.

Upon arrival, with no delays and no signs of nerves within me at all, I took a deep breath then took to the stage.

The preparation paid off, as did all the lessons provided via Rachel Elnaugh through her workshop.

It was a great success and once the interaction got going I was answering questions and inspiring and empowering others to be their brand.

My main focus was describing the incredible power of energy and how your personal energy reflects of your brand and ultimately your business.

Identify your circles of passion, then see how you can turn it into a business

You are lucky if you know your purpose, not everyone does and it is hard to find. But as I learnt from Rachel, when two passions fuse they can make a viable business and give you the meaning of why you are here and how you can add value to the world.

In my case I love the buzz of marketing, what a brand is, it’s identity and function and I also love being creative through graphics, illustration and painting.

So my circles are marketing and art, and once I combined the two and found that I have found my purpose of – Bringing Brands to Life Through Art – my business opportunities grew and grew as did my passion and energy.

So, what are your circles? Have you got them covered? What is the area where you can blend one interest with another then focus on the overlap. That crossover is where the magic will happen.

Once you have that sorted, you will know your purpose. And when you know your purpose you can identify your value and the benefit it has to your customers.

Feel free to email any thoughts and comments.

There you have it, good luck.

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