Bringing Your Brand To Life Through Art

I have great excitement within me and am full of inspiration! The feast of contrasting colours and expressionism is one of the most vivid treats I have given my eyes in a long time, and it all came from visiting the David Hockney exhibition currently showing at the Royal Academy of Arts. Claimed to be Britain’s Greatest Living Artist, the Hockney exhibition lived up to that claim in my eyes – whilst bringing landscapes back into fashion.

The complimentary colours of blue, greens, lilacs and orange make up the most beautiful colour pallet and a wonderful mixing block to depict the landscapes of Yorkshire as it moves through the seasons.

Hockneys love of landscapes began in the 60s and has spanned his entire career but the one painting that stands heads above the rest is “A Closer Grand Canyon” a painting made up of 48 individual canvases showing the rich oranges and reds of the grand canyon – a subject my favourite photographer, Peter Lik also covered.

At 73 Hockney resides at his family home in Bridlington on the English coast. He still paints large canvases in his enormous studio but keeps his iPad with him like a sketchbook. He says, “What fascinates me is not just technology but the technology of picture-making. I spend more time painting of course, but I treat the iPad as a serious tool. The iPad is influencing the paintings now with its boldness and speed.”

The iPad collection is vast and detailed and Clever! Sometimes completing up to 2 ipaintings a day Hockney effortlessly applies his technique to the digital age creating a beautiful series of works with the touch of a stylus. Am not sure whetstone high street will have the same artistic possibilities as his local scenery but I could be inclined to give iPad art a go. So keep your eyes peeled for me in friary park with my faithful iPad.

Until then enjoy the exhibition- I certainty did.

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