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Harry’s Book is Now on Sale!

The Harry Moseley Story – “Making it Happen”, is a true account of how a ‘normal’ little boy with big dreams and a selfless, compassionate outlook on life proves that with hard work, passion and a bit of cheek anyone can achieve any goal they set themselves in life.

He is the reason my business is what it is today and I will cherish the letters he wrote me and the contact I had with him whilst he was alive. I am honoured that they have decided to use my painting of Harry as the font cover for the special edition book.

Please support the charity this special boy started, and his mum who is carrying the Harry Ethos on via HelpHarryHelpOthers and its efforts to not only help find a cure for Brain Cancer but also in helping children and their families who are affected by any Cancer, and the people who support them

“Making it Happen” can be purchased via it’s publishers direct HERE.

This is an emotional, heart-warming and truly inspirational account of how a little boy’s dream of helping others changed the lives of millions and will probably make you take a look at yourself in the process. Even though Harry was diagnosed with brain cancer in 2007 at the age of 7 the book shows how he evolved his simple ideas and philosophy into a global entrepreneurial campaign using all the multi-media tools available to him including his beloved Twitter. The book emphasises that we can all achieve anything in life and “make It happen” if we believe in ourselves, as long as you are committed to your goals and are passionate about your dreams.

Harry gripped the nation by making and selling beaded bracelets all by himself, with all the proceeds he raised going to charity. He also organised and arranged to meet CEO’s of large organisations and did presentations at school assemblies and at large public events in front of the local and national media talking about his business ideas. All this was achieved through the face of adversity and fighting a dreadful disease himself and with this kind of determination nothing was unachievable for Harry. During his fight against brain cancer Harry befriended many people via his Twitter account including his peers and many famous celebrities from all over the world.


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