Bringing Your Brand To Life Through Art

To celebrate the 10th Anniversary of Sister Snog I was invited to create a piece of branded art. Back in 1992 Hela and Annie began to create and nurture their very own selective club – a tribe that is now a social network.

Reaching out to smart sassy brand savvy business women they pride themselves on providing sparkling business events where members connect, collaborate and explore business opportunities.

Using my knowledge and understanding of the brand I happily put into practice my skill of visualising the brand and bringing it to life through art.

The result was purple to say the least and hand embellished with Swarovski crystals to add that little extra sparkle.

It was a really special event and one I was proud to be a part of.

Snog on…

Violet & Lilac for Sister Snog

Commission for Sister Snog



Illustrated Concept for bespoke art commission

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