Art Commissions that Bring Your Brand to Life

Art has the ability to tell a story – your story – like no other medium. Being able to effortlessly combine a dozen years of commercial marketing nous with targeted creativity, Joanna Gilbert is in a unique position to get under the skin of you and your business and then deliver an eye-catching and thought-provoking illustration of your corporate brand, your logo or even individual products and aspects of what your company represents.

Joanna is rapidly forging a reputation in the London art scene as the commercial artist every brand wants to have a painting by. Her work can be seen on the walls of some of the biggest companies in the UK. Companies who realise that their marketing strategy doesn’t stop with a website, a brochure and a monthly newsletter.

Your Brand Your Story

The smallest nugget of relevant information can trigger an emotional response and gets Joanna thinking about how best to approach your painting, both from an artistic standpoint and perhaps most importantly, from a commercial standpoint.

Joanna understands how to tell your story as a transformation of your visual identity, be it your logo, your brand or your product line, but regardless of the painting’s subject matter, your finished product holds the power to communicate with a diverse range of stakeholders through art. A power that must not be underestimated.

Generate Revenue through Merchandising Possibilities

With such crowded industry sectors and more and more businesses trying to squeeze themselves into more limited space than ever before, being able to have your brand represented through a bespoke art commission will undoubtedly stand you out as a business that thinks way ahead of the curve. Your brand’s position notwithstanding, reproduced and printed versions of your artwork act as a vehicle to generate alternative revenue streams – adding value to your business as well as profit to your bottom line through designs and merchandise, effectively creating a brand within a brand.

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