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Beautifully British – Press Release

‘Beautifully British’ is an exclusive collection of art by established and emerging British artists. The exhibition will be showcased at the iconic Playboy Club London between August 6th and September 5th 2013 and has been curated by London-based art consultancy Wade Contemporary in collaboration with London’s Stolen Space Gallery.

This show represents the latest in a number of successful art exhibitions hosted by Playboy Club London. Members of the club and visitors to the exhibition have the opportunity to view and purchase the works exhibited by Joanna Gilbert, Charlotte Hopkins-Hall, The London Police, Charlie Anderson, D*Face, Eine, Evan Hecox, and Gerald Laing.

The artists and works featured represent a broad range of artistic backgrounds, which have informed a multitude of different styles and approaches to Fine Art in the 21st century. All of artists exhibited are British with the exception of Evan Hecox, an American, whose unorthodox treatment of the London skyline and artistic endorsement of nonstandard British motifs offer an interesting comparison to the work of the homegrown talent.

Each of the works manifest their own profound and unique ties with Britain in their own profound and unique ways, and each work on show has been produced as a result of a prolonged interaction with the idiosyncrasies of British culture. Where the work of D*Face offers a challenging socio-political assessment of life in the UK, the vibrant and visually complex work of Joanna Gilbert offers a celebratory nod to the cultural phenomena of everyday artefacts as iconic symbols. Likewise Gerald Laing’s inclusion in the show is based on his status as being one of the most important proponents of British art in the last 50 years whose pop-prints, here of Victoria Beckham and Kate Moss, smartly explore a very British fascination with fame.

A private view of the exhibition will take place on Tuesday 6th August. Prices for the artworks on view range from £500 to £18,000.

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